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Tue, 25 Oct


Siwa Oasis

Advanced Sacred Journey Egypt by Sherwin

ADVANCED SACRED JOURNEY EGYPT: THE GIFT OF AMUN RA 11 Days Training as a Visionary of Amun Ra

Advanced Sacred Journey Egypt by Sherwin
Advanced Sacred Journey Egypt by Sherwin

Time & Location

25 Oct 2022, 12:00 am MYT – 04 Nov 2022, 12:00 am MYT

Siwa Oasis, Egypt


~ Pre-requisite: Sacred Journey Egypt 2018, 2019, or 2022.

~ 22 seats available

As  we have seen thus far, some are still undergoing the purification of  fire; some require more time to rest; some have run away from the sheer  clarity of knowing to hide in old patterns; others have experienced big  breakthroughs in their life circumstances; and so forth. These are not  unusual under the transformative ‘white heat’ of Alchemy.

For those who are ready to bring their awareness to the next level – Amun Ra awaits.


Amun  Ra is the Creation God of Light, Prophecy, Destiny, and Manifestation.  As a merge between Amun (unknown) and Ra (obvious), Amun Ra represents  clarity of purpose and brightness of Spirit – his temple in Siwa has  served the conquests of Alexander the Great, who sought the guidance and  blessings of Amun Ra before each battle. It was also believed that the  fabled Emerald Tablet, last seen in the possession of Alexander the  Great, was buried under this very Temple.

What  is a ‘Visionary’? The ability to SEE into the future and CHANGE what is  necessary – or ACCELERATE what is desired. A Visionary of Amun Ra can  not only see, but also MANIFEST and bring forward from the future.

And so we will travel here, to Siwa Oasis, and receive initiation to Amun Ra, as well as:

• Initiation to Anubis, the Protector of Souls and Spiritual Initiates • Initiation to Bast, the Cat Goddess of Protection, Love, and Healing, back at her temple in Bubastis • Private Visit to the Hidden Chamber of the Pyramid! Reconnect with your Animal Soul Totem and re-membering your Sahu • Special study sessions revisiting your personal Numerology and Destiny Direction for the coming Age of Light

Our  journey comes to rest at the deserts – the Faiyoum to visit the  magnificent whale bones – before camping under the stars to connect with  the Spirit of the Desert…. completing 11 days of physical  transformation through the Soul Alchemy of Amun Ra.

If this calls to you, contact us as usual.

FRIENDLY  NOTE: In the occasion where it is felt that you are not sufficiently  prepared for such an intense journey, you will be advised accordingly as  well.

Any further enquiries regarding our yearly Egypt Sacred Journeys, email us at

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