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Sat, 11 Jun


Online Workshop

Labyrinth 2: Spiritual Tradition of the Bull

Restoration of the Sacred Masculine Consciousness (Pre-requisite: Labyrinth 1 ‘Igniting Your Spiritual Medicine)

Labyrinth 2: Spiritual Tradition of the Bull
Labyrinth 2: Spiritual Tradition of the Bull

Time & Location

11 Jun 2022, 12:30 pm MYT – 12 Jun 2022, 5:30 pm MYT

Online Workshop


The  masculine principle is first needed to ground and give structure to all  the spiritual blueprints that are currently awakening – without such a  ‘solid tangible consciousness’, spiritual potential and knowledge cannot  cross-over from the Ethers (unseen realms) and take hold in our  manifest world (tangible realm).

More  importantly: without first reclaiming the qualities of courage,  ownership, and guardianship here – we cannot pave the way for the safe  return and healing of the deeper feminine/Goddess wounds within the  collective unconscious.

(The  Spiritual Tradition of the Bull/Minotaur paves the way to ‘Labyrinth 3:  Medusa & The Spiritual Tradition of the Serpent)

Here in Labyrinth 2, we explore:

• Advanced Dreamwork to heal from the within the Unconscious • The Lemniscate of Duality, through which all things are manifested or dissolved… • The esoteric teachings behind the story of the ‘Slaying of the Minotaur’ • An introduction to the energetic lineage of ancient wise priestesses, as embodied by Ariadne the Weaver.

**  The HEART of Labyrinth 2: Learn the ‘Ritual of the Minotaur’s  Labyrinth’ – a powerful walking meditation which forms the basis of all  future ‘Labyrinth-work’

We  will also be working to reconcile the shadow aspects of the Minotaur,  which exists in both men and women, and centres around the inner  struggle and shaming of the ‘animal self’ – that which is primal, wild,  filled with passionate desire, yet also powerful, all-knowing, and  innately free… (the ancients call this the ‘Dionysus’, another commonly  misconstrued principle to the uninitiated)

For this class, you will need:

• one medium/large beeswax candle • lavender incense/flowers to burn • a Dream Journal • a special marker object (explained during Labyrinth 1) 

DATE: 11 & 12 June  TIME: 12.30 PM – 5.30 PM both days

ENERGY EXCHANGE: [Early Bird until May 15, 2022] MYR 1880 (direct debit) | (PayPal) MYR 2020

[May 15 onwards] MYR 2550 (direct debit) | (PayPal) MYR 2730

Students from the previous Labyrinth 2 training may attend this as a Refresher + Updated Course at 50% energy exchange.

To REGISTER for this event, kindly whatsapp to the usual number 012-716 8763, or email to

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