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Sacred Journey Egypt: The FAQ's

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

FAQ: Sacred Journey Egypt

Who is it crafted for? Is it suitable for me?

· Any individual who is prepared to do the inner-work – reclaiming personal power and responsibility over their lives

· Individuals who are ready for life transformation – and are seeking a guided catalyst towards it

Why is there a pre-requisite class?

· To prepare the student mentally, physically, as well as energetically. Alchemy is a very tangible experience; understanding the basics of energy-work facilitates a smoother and deeper experience whilst in Egypt

Is there a difference between a Sacred Journey and a holiday?

· Holidaying in Egypt is great! However, the intention is not directed towards a specific goal. The spiritual science of Egypt is Alchemy, and the basis of Alchemy is transformation. The entire sacred journey is designed to support this specific purpose.

· Visiting the sacred sites and temples as a tourist, versus entering the temples as a conscious (and facilitated) initiate – is a difference of worlds apart. Not to mention that energetically, the energies of these places are carefully 'veiled' to ensure the safety of non-initiates.

What should I expect upon signing-up for a Sacred Journey?

(Common feedback based on participants from our previous sacred journeys – I have been leading spiritual retreats since 2012)

· There is often a sense of being challenged or the occasional ‘resistance’ towards making the trip. This might feel perplexing and frustrating, especially if one has been so excited and has been looking forward to it! This is what we call as ‘Purification’.

Often, such a feeling of resistance or anxiety escalates about 2-3 weeks leading-up to the date to the trip. Hence, our online meditation circles are included to support you energetically every month leading-up to our actual departure to Egypt.

What is ‘Purification’? I hear this word a lot...

· All change causes discomfort; all self-discovery and actions that lead to change/transformation therefore ignites certain discomforts. For every individual, the discomfort manifests differently.

· Common examples of purification before a sacred journey:

Bodily aches, anxiety, sudden manifestation of symptoms, escalated work challenges, relationship issues begin to surface, unexpected tests, old issues from the past resurfacing, feelings of self-doubt seem to amplify

Sacred Journey Egypt 2023 (Oct 17- 28)

12 days | 13 Temples & Sacred Sites | 4 Private Visits & Initiations | Channeled Lectures & Messages | A Journey of a Lifetime

If you feel the call of Egypt or its sacred science of transformation or if you have any questions, drop us an email at

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