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Sherwin Ng

Sherwin Horus Bright:

Initiator | Author | Mystic

Sherwin is the author of ‘Life on Earth Mastery: Protocols to Transcend Fate and Manifest Your Purpose’, based on the ancient wisdom of Spiritual Alchemy. His workshops, trainings, and sacred retreats have brought him all over the globe, with particular focus to Egypt, Nepal, Glastonbury — and of course, back in Kuala Lumpur, where his school of esoteric arts, House of Kite, is based. 


About Sherwin Ng

Spontaneously self-awakened at the age of 4, Sherwin has demonstrated a deep affinity and understanding of both the eastern and western esoteric teachings from an early age. Over the last 15 years, he is known for his direct, no-nonsense, results-driven, and down-to-earth approach to teaching and practicing the sacred arts, systematically eradicating the pitfalls of empty daydream and ‘escapism’ so commonly found in the New Age hype. 


Sherwin is the author of ‘Life on Earth Mastery: Protocols to Transcend Fate and Manifest Your Purpose’, based on the ancient wisdom of Spiritual Alchemy. His workshops, trainings, and sacred retreats have brought him all over the globe, with particular focus to Egypt, Nepal, Glastonbury — and of course, back in Kuala Lumpur, where his school of esoteric arts, House of Kite, is based. 


An avid practitioner of Hatha Yoga today and a self-confessed foodie, Sherwin writes extensively on social media when he is not busy teaching or researching. His yearly Masterclasses in KL draws students from as far as the US, Canada, Europe, as well as Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, and India too. 


In 2020, Sherwin was awarded ‘Alchemist of the Year’ by Yogalife Magazine, Asia’s leading yoga resource. Marking his dedication in the path of alchemy, as well as transforming lives through ancient methodologies, he received his spiritual name from Egypt upon returning 7 years later with his first group of 33 students: 


‘Horus Bright Soma Samadhi’. 


The Spiritual Alchemy of Egypt


Alchemy is the transformation process from a limited, denser condition into an enlightened, refined state. Gold is often used as this symbol of refinement and awareness; Lead is the symbol for the cramped, unenlightened disposition. 


When applied to the human condition, Alchemy seeks to uplift the individual from a self-limiting and fearful disposition – into that of freedom, empowerment, and purpose. After all, the only thing standing between what we want and where we are now, is our own unconscious beliefs and limiting patterns. 


The greatest challenge in the practise of Alchemy is the purification aspect: pushing-through and eradicating those built-in resistances and unconscious patterns we have accumulated over years, lifetimes, or inherited through the ancestral lineage. 


‘Alchemy’ is derived from ‘el-khemmet’, where Khemmet means ‘Black Land’, one of the ancient names of Egypt. In essence, Alchemy is therefore the ‘science of Egypt’.  


For upcoming workshops and events, click HERE.

Sacred Journeys: Egypt, Nepal, Glastonbury


Sacred Journey Egypt brings those who are ready to be initiated into the ancient spiritual paths back into the original temples – the essence of the Neteru (Divinity or Principle Nature) is embedded in all the walls, pillars, and chambers, allowing access to those who know how.


We visit all the important key temples along the Nile – such as Philae, Dendera, Abydos, Luxor – before culminating in a final private initiation inside the Great Pyramid.


Those familiar with the teachings of Alchemy know that our primary goal is to constantly evolve the lower mundane mind into the cosmic mind and form. And where better than to realize this possibility than in Egypt, the birthplace of Alchemy, and the Power Centre of the Earth. What you will discover and feel from being in these sacred energy places can never be fully expressed in words.


The Advanced Sacred Journeys – Nepal, Ladakh, Glastonbury – are open to those who have successfully completed Egypt with Sherwin.

Sacred Journeys
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One of my favorite shots. In the midst o
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Khoo Ai Yng
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5 years under Sherwin's teaching, feel like a life-time knowledge unfold. So much so have evolved in my life through these years of practicing what I learnt from him..

A precious gift in Sherwin is the ability to bring ancient knowledge & teachings to a practical application for our daily life.

With each class I attended, I brought back not only the knowledge but an immediate implementation to my life.

He has never fail to amaze his students on every teaching. Looking forward for more to come. Thank you!

Jayne Roberts.jpg
Jayne Roberts
Recommended star.png

The best thing I have found about ALL my learnings from Sherwin has been the self responsibility. It is not about him, it is about me. Only I can change things. It is up to me to change my mind to something, be that my personal victim/saviour complex, my scarcity issues, whatever. He does not ‘fix’ you. He guides you into recognising and ‘fixing’ yourself. And he does not enable your dependency, which other teachers cherish, your dependency on them, to come back again and again. He actively discourages it. If you’re not ready, he will tell you. He is authentic and honest. Be prepared for his honesty. He wants you to achieve your maximum, and to soar, and puts his all into helping you get there. I cannot recommend his work more highly.

Alfred Yap.jpg
Alfred Yap
Recommended star.png

Empowering, awakening and liberating are the reactions I get when I attend Sherwin's classes, talks, circles, or even just by reading his post messages on Facebook. Sherwin is well known for his vast knowledge in metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric wisdom that has shed light upon me on many occasions. Throughout the years that I have learned from him, his strongest message to me was to reclaim my power, worth, and choice. These simple message has opened up doors and greatly empowered me to take charge in the course of my life path. Thank you, Sherwin!

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-18 at
Hares Sayed
Recommended star.png

As an Egyptian tour guide and Egyptologist for more than 12 years, leading and guiding spiritual tour groups for more than 7 years, worked with many spiritual teachers and leaders from all over the world. I can tell Sherwin is one of the very few special spiritual teachers if he is not the most (positively shocked when I met him at first and listened to him).
Man of wisdom, very humble (when many call themselves master leader teachers)
Very respective to ancient Egyptian religion and has strong connections with it which made me sure that he had many past lives here. Very honest when he tells you what he sees and what he feels at the sacred places (not what you like to hear) and this is so important.
Very sensitive to the sacred and spiritual places all around Egypt which made me so grateful to accompany him most of the time.
From the personal side I learned a lot more about spirituality from him and how to feel the energy at different sites and how to use it, that completing what I know and learned.
I am glad to have him as friend, teacher and workmate.

Serena Adsit.jpg
Serena Adsit
Recommended star.png

Even after 5 years+ of being under Sherwin's tutelage, and growing and learning so much about myself in that time, I've found his work to still be very meaningful and relevant. He has a vast depth of knowledge and skills, a deep heart full of care for humanity and a massive aversion for victimization and laziness. If taking responsibility for your own life isn't one of your immediate goals, Sherwin's work is not for you. Thank you for the time invested in all you do. Hugs and blessings!

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