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I come with over a decade of research, teachings, personal practice (and author of a book) in the ancient science of Egyptian Alchemy – in fact, next year will be my 5th group, revisiting the important Temples, which are powerhouses for vibrational transformation (provided one has the right keys). As a practitioner of the ancient ways as much as an adventurer, my job is to help you see the hidden aspects ‘beyond the veil’ of these sacred sites once only reserved for true initiates of alchemy. Things hidden from the curiosities of the usual tourist. Having led spiritual groups to Nepal, Glastonbury, Croatia, Borneo multiple times – rest assured that I am trained in holding energetic space, ensuring safe passage to all my students. We are in the midst of finalizing some new visits for October’s Sacred Journey Egypt. No two groups (or years) are ever the same energetically. They say it’s a ‘journey of a lifetime’, but it seems more aptly to be a journey of truly discovering who YOU are. Yes, there will be a pre-requisite class (Basic Alchemy), to ensure that you are truly equipped with the knowledge and skills to make the best out of this Sacred Journey. With me, you will NOT be going as a tourist, but as a proper initiate. EMAIL US at if you’d like to stay in the know, and we’ll inform you once our next Zoom Briefing is confirmed! Thank you and looking forward to being part of your spiritual awakening. S.


From Ebba St. Silva (U.S.), after our April 2022 trip:

“Because of the pandemic, I had to wait 2 years (since I started studying Egyptian Alchemy with Sherwin) to be able to participate in this Sacred Journey and I must say that it was well worth the wait. Sherwin’s unparalleled wisdom and teachings of Egyptian Alchemy was the key that made this Journey profoundly sacred and meaningful. A teacher firmly rooted in the knowledge of Alchemy, who embodies the teachings of ancient Egypt with authenticity, Sherwin is the ONLY spiritual teacher I would travel to Egypt with. Traveling at a time of much conflict and instability in the world, I felt safe and did not worry at all about anything because I believe in Sherwin’s abilities to protect his students. After two unforgettable weeks, my heart was full, and my soul was nourished. And I must mention that the wish I had made on Day 3 – the first Initiation in the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid, was fulfilled on the last day of our journey. Things are still unfolding, and I am extremely grateful to Sherwin and his team for such an amazing journey.” From Ai Yng (Malaysia), senior student:

“7 years under Sherwin's teaching, feel like a life-time knowledge unfold. So much so have evolved in my life through these years of practicing what I learnt from him... A precious gift in Sherwin is the ability to bring ancient knowledge & teachings to a practical application for our daily life. With each class I attended, I brought back not only the knowledge but an immediate implementation to my life. He has never fail to amaze his students on every teaching. Looking forward for more to come. Thank you!”

From Hares Sayed, our Egyptologist:

“As an Egyptian tour guide and Egyptologist for more than 14 years, leading and guiding spiritual tour groups for more than 9 years, worked with many spiritual teachers and leaders from all over the world. I can tell Sherwin is one of the very few special spiritual teachers if he is not the most (positively shocked when I met him at first and listened to him).

Man of wisdom, very humble (when many call themselves master leader teachers) Very respective to ancient Egyptian religion and has strong connections with it which made me sure that he had many past lives here. Very honest when he tells you what he sees and what he feels at the sacred places (not what you like to hear) and this is so important. Very sensitive to the sacred and spiritual places all around Egypt which made me so grateful to accompany him most of the time.”

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