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Sahara Shakti Retreat (May 2023)

By Sherwin Soma Bright

Dates: 9 – 19 May, 2023 | 12 seats available

“Beyond the shifting veils of sand, the Sahara Desert is a storehouse of ancient spiritual wisdom and mysticism. Millions of years ago, this seemingly barren land was submerged beneath the ocean…

The healing powers of the Mother Goddess remains, it gathers and manifests as the lush oasis surrounded by the ocean of sand. It is here we will come to, to shed away the bindings of the outer world… and – just as the Goddess Lakshmi arose from the ocean of milk – to rediscover who we truly are.”


Designed primarily for initiates who have completed the first Egypt Sacred Journey – I would also like to invite students who have been studying/training with me in the recent 2 years to write-in if they feel called for this very special desert immersion – here in the sacred oasis and the land of healing salt… SIWA.

Salt is the basis of bodily nourishment, healing and growth. Salt water is also a powerful conductor of electrical impulses, the secret language of our bodily cells. Merging this with the wisdom teachings of Shiva and Shakti, also known in Egypt as the Alchemy of Isis-Osiris, we make our way back to the Path of the Goddess and Inner Union.


• A Spiritual Reset: cleansing away all that is no longer needed • Empowerment and transformation through the Path of Shakti, the Goddess • Igniting your natural healing and manifesting abilities • Discovering your own Chosen Divinity (‘Ishta Devata’) and relevant practices

While deeply rooted in the teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda, Pranayama, and Tantra (spiritual alchemy), prior knowledge of these disciplines are not required.

The primary aim of this Shakti Retreat is ‘Ishta Devata’, which means ‘chosen divinity’. These 7 days (excluding arrival/departure/travel) are designed to help you learn about, and eventually discover, your personal Goddess. Special dedication is given to the Earth Mother Goddess, in Her triple form as Nourisher, Teacher, and Warrior.

You will then learn the necessary practices required to support you in your Embodiment journey of (those qualities represented by) your ‘Personal Goddess’. At the end of the Retreat, you will go back with the knowledge and tools to CONTINUE your personal practice with focus on self-healing, transformation, and manifestation over the next 9 months.

What you will receive:

• Initiation into the Shakti/Goddess Path of Healing, Purification, and Alchemy • Initiation into the sacred realm of Mantras, and its many powerful uses • The basics of Pranayama (breathworks) and its practices • An introduction to the ‘Dasa Mahavidya’, the 10 Great Wisdom Goddesses • Practices for balancing the Chakras and the internal elements • Private initiation ceremony inside the GREAT PYRAMID • Post-retreat group support – 3 zoom meetings for Q&A and your further studies

Last but not least, understanding the role of Shiva, and how you can connect with his powerful energies. After all, Shiva and Shakti, like the Sun and Moon, are always co-existing…

This Embodiment Retreat holds 12 persons. Your Shakti Sadhana will be shaped based on your existing needs and capabilities. Some basic experience in yoga asana would be helpful, although not compulsory.

Upon registration and confirmation, you will need to purchase 2 prescribed books and 1 oracle card deck which will be used during the Retreat.

And yes, men ARE welcomed to this Retreat as well. Shakti does not differentiate; She includes and empowers all. The embodiment process is just slightly different and will be advised accordingly.

Feel the calling? Email us for more details at


** NOTE: We will do our best to accommodate your rooming preferences, however, accommodations are subject to availability. Registration for the Sacred Retreat will be held open until two months prior to its commencement date in order to accommodate twin room sharing. If by that date we have not been able to match you with a suitable roommate, you will be responsible to pay the single supplement fee. An early registration will facilitate this process.

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