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Love Affairs (You Need Right Now)

How many love affairs played-out so nicely in our minds, yet when we meet a certain person in reality, it just doesn’t go the way we ‘thought’ it would? Then we feel utterly betrayed, because we had spent years in our mind, playing and replaying this scene in our head —

so it must be true. Isn’t it?

I’ve had my share of disappointments. You have this whole idea on how another person should be like, the things they’d do, and the things they’d say to you. And then you FINALLY meet them in person and it’s.... what the hell happened?

I’ve also experienced the receiving end of it many times over the years, due to the nature of my work. People would come-up to me and gush over the things I’d said in class, but no sooner than a few days weeks months later become disappointed when I don’t act a certain way, say or do certain things, that goes according the story they’ve had in their minds. And they feel betrayed. The story has been playing in their head forever so how can it be wrong?

I understand that feeling, because I have been thru it too.

I understand the anger of betrayal. Even when people tell me that I SHOULD start acting a certain way (to fulfill that story in their heads) as a teacher or as a whatever — strangely, I understand. Some have even gone straight-ahead and called me their “father”. I see the longing in their eyes to be acknowledged, which I used to think (as a student of psychology) that this was just the usual case of father-figure projection.

Beyond the father-figure, what is there? What constitutes the Father force?

When trying to describe the true essence of the Father force or Mother force, both are equally complex yet essentially different. The Mother force is ‘unconditionality’ — in the usual term, it is called ‘Love’.

The Father force, I would say is ‘Will’. As in, the will to live, the will to expand and create, the will to thrive. When unrefined, this Will manifests itself as procreation. For the usual mundane mind, the Will is left dormant and untapped within.

I will warn that the Will is very closely interlaced with the ego, so be mindful in what you read now. They are often misunderstood as the same, though they are not. The ego always seeks to dominate and control. The Will seeks to expand.

The ego is motivated by survival because it knows that it will die one day. The Will is fearless and requires no justification, because it knows that it cannot die.

What people seek from my work, whether they are consciously aware of it or not — is the Will. It is not the knowledge itself, but the essence of what it potentially unlocks.

It is not Hope. Those who have tried to buy Hope many times will soon realize that it is already there. What you seek is the Will. Technically you have it within you — you are just seeking a way to unlock it.

It took me many years to find the answer to this self-query: “What do these people want from me?”

I have been showered with all manners of praises, and I have been harassed in many ways; I have been attacked, physically or psychically; I have been scolded for not meeting someone’s idealized story; yet I have been called ‘ascended master’ to which my ego giggled like a child, but my soul remained unamused.

I once had someone cry outside my gate because I had refused to acknowledge that I was that person’s twin flame. For sure, I would have known if i were. I had already been very careful with choosing this uninteresting mortal form before coming into this incarnation. But the brightness cannot stay hidden for long.

We are all in this huge mess of love affairs in our minds, each wanting to justify itself as the ‘true’ love story. It could be a love story with a person, with money, with ‘family’, with self, with knowledge.... with just anything outside of us. Whatever story we have in our head, only one ending is certain, and that is disappointment.

If you never find that ‘one true love affair’ — you end-up disappointed.

If you indeed find it, and one day you will lose it — again, disappointment.

So here’s a love affair I’d like to propose to you. Yes, a proposal, but not with me (because believe me, I will continue to disappoint your story again and again)

Let us have a love affair with this very moment. Wherever you are right now, whatever you are doing.... can you find something to be grateful for? Be happy for? Look around you. Just take a moment to look at one thing right before you now, and embrace it. Be thankful for it. Accept it. Love it.

Can we all do that? This is your first step in a new love affair, one that will never disappoint you or fail you. It is the love affair with Life.

What is the mastery for life on earth? To form a love affair with Life. And Life as it is, is happening all around you right now.

Get out of that story in your head. Fall in love with what truly matters. This will be your one true love affair. And trust me, it’s the best one

But the catch? Can you be grateful?


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