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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Who Am I?

Sherwin Ng, but I have many names. After 7 years in my work within a specialized field, I took on the spiritual designation ‘Horus Bright Soma Samadhi’. It comes with various perks.

I won’t be giving you that new age waffle about being a ‘infinite being of the cosmos born of stardust and unicorn farts’ – but I am a traveler; even when confined to one place I am able to travel through the perceived veils of what is (believed to be) real and not real.

That keeps me curious and excited :)

What Do I Do?

A Teacher of Egyptian Alchemy is probably what most people know me as. Also an author. Apparently I write very well, so here’s a much-awaited blog.

Spiritual researcher, if that is a thing.

Did I miss anything?

How Did I Get Here?

My first real job was as a Metaphysics Consultant with Mastery Academy and the Joey Yap Group, beginning of 2006. Two years into that I also became their youngest instructor (at the time). Lasted 9 years, enjoyed every bit of it, learned so much about who I am and who I am NOT… but the spiritual calling made itself very clear to me then. I had to leave for a different path.

My ‘spiritual’ path began with energy healing - specifically the 'Isis Lotus Healing' modality founded by Elisabeth Jensen. My direct teacher was Sri of the Blue Lotus, who initiated me into my entire 'return to Egypt' journey. After a few years and a few hundred clients later, I also realized that healing was NOT my true calling. So I began to focus more on teaching and writing, what I felt most natural doing.

In 2011, while in Egypt under Elisabeth's spiritual journey, she turned to me suddenly and said, "One day you will return here with your own students." That memory, which happened at Kom Ombo Temple, both shocked and awed me. I had not even began teaching anything serious at the time, let alone have 'students'.

It had taken me 7 years to prepare for my teacher's prophecy to come true.

So here I am.

What Are My Specialties?

Animal Spirit Guides. Which used to be ironic for me as I am not a super-outdoorsy kinda person. It was something that just unfolded over the years as I walked this path, initially through my healing sessions and clients. This is something I always enjoy teaching, having developed a unique approach with the '5 Families' of Animal Spirits.

Finding your true Animal Totem, though, is a totally different story.

Past Lives. It’s something I am very passionate about, having recollected fragments of my own past lives over the years – that is how I seem to ‘know’ many things and ‘how’ to do certain things. Karmic patterns are so fascinating! How we repeat specific compulsions again and again....

Read Dr. Brian Weiss’s ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ if you haven’t already.

And last but not least, Egyptian Alchemy, with particular affinity to the Goddess traditions. Ka Body work, Shadow work, and Sahu work.

Also, various traditions of Astrology, eastern and western.


This is it, basically. What I love most is what I do best. To be able to wake-up each day and to do it again. Deeper and harder.

Coffee. Really enjoy a good cup… or two. Or three, if it's really good.


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