Upcoming Events

  • Advanced Sacred Journey Egypt by Sherwin
    25 Oct, 12:00 am MYT – 04 Nov, 12:00 am MYT
    Siwa Oasis, Egypt
    ADVANCED SACRED JOURNEY EGYPT: THE GIFT OF AMUN RA 11 Days Training as a Visionary of Amun Ra
  • Advanced Egypt Extension (Nov): Sacred Astrology by the Nile (Aswan)
    04 Nov, 10:00 am MYT – 08 Nov, 5:00 pm MYT
    Aswan, Egypt
    As we move towards the total lunar eclipse on Nov 8th, we return to Aswan and the island Temple of Isis to receive initiations as ‘Oracle of Sirius’ – reconnecting with the ancient secrets of astrology as a sacred science of alchemy, healing, and transformation.
  • Sacred Journey Egypt 2023
    26 Apr 2023, 12:00 am MYT – 07 May 2023, 12:00 am MYT
    Cairo, Egypt
    This is not a ‘touristic’ journey, and call to those who are prepared to learn about who they really are. True Alchemy is always about purification and transformation… why else would anyone return to the birthplace of Alchemy and seek the secrets of the Temples?